Dealer and supplier of machineries such as Dispensing System, UV Curing Systems, UV Instruments, Surface Mount Technolgy System, Soldering Station, Robotic System, Adhesives and Epoxy from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and China.
Radio Meters
Online Monitors
Thermal Process Control

EIT UV Radio Meters

Online Monitors

  • Continuously monitors up to four UV lamps simultaneously
  • Provides a readout in percentage of 100% original UV lamp output
  • Incorporates a 0-10V output and 4-20mA current output proportional to UV
  • Sounds an alarm when any lamp falls below a user settable low limit threshold
  • Powered by 110V or 220V

Online UV Intensity Display Module
  • Continuously monitors output of a single UV lamp
  • Works with EIT Compact Sensor
  • 0 to 10 volt analog output
  • Relay contact provides
  • Panel mount convenience

Din Rail UV Intensity Monitor
  • Signal output device for use with EIT Compact Sensors
  • Continuously monitors output of a single UV lamp
  • 0-10 volt analog output
  • Relay output connections
  • Snap-in DIN rail mounting convenience
  • User-settable alarm points
  • Works with EIT Compact Sensor

Compact Sensor
  • Improved optics virtually eliminate solarization
  • Small size for installation in tight spaces
  • Squared body design for easy mounting
  • For use with most lamp makes and types
  • Sealed optics to prevent contamination
  • Ported for air purge to keep optical path clear
  • Compatible with all EIT monitoring equipment

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