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EIT has teamed up with Tutco Farnam Custom Products to supply the industry’s first portable, “smart” hot-air thermal process controller.

The product combines Farnam’s 30+ years of experience with heat applications and EIT’s 35+ years of electronics and process control experience in an easy to use system that provides complete control over process air temperature, velocity, and volume flow rate.

The new TIP system provides:

  • The highest degree of process heat control available in today’s market
  • A filtered, self-contained blower for a convenient source of accurate, repeatable process heating is required
  • Temperature capability from 150°F – 1100ºF (60ºC – 600ºC) using Farnam’s Cool Touch™ heat torch
  • Simple to operate LCD interface makes it easy to regulate and monitor all process heating variables (Temperature, Velocity and Volume)
  • Adjustment of the heater to deliver the programmed heat profile
  • Audible and electronic alarms for process monitoring
  • Built in safety features protect the heater against unintended heater damage and dramatically extends normal heater lifetime 

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