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Soldering Station


The technology to provide the best solution for lead free soldering.
1. Temperature recovery direct heating method TM iron unit designed to meet Lead free soldering requirements.

2. Zero Solder Ball Feeder-ZSB Geyan.

3. Second solder feeding position adjustable RSP and RSL iron units.

4. N2 Gas direct flow-through iron cartridge with miniature N2 generator.


Soldering station has been proven to be reliable in the soldering rework station operation. It is comparatively stable with any other outstanding brand in the market. It will be a cost effective to use and easy for operation. We also offer ionizer fan, desoldering tools, Pre heat / Rework hotplate, Infrared Preheater, Ionizing Hot Gun, Ionizing bar, Static monitoring systems and etc. This product is ISO9000 certified.



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