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Flood UV Conveyor
Spot UV

UV Curing System

Flood UV Conveyor

UV Curing Systems uses Intensity of UV Light using photochemical process to instantly cure adhesives, inks or coatings.

Offering many advantages over traditional drying methods using thermal, UV Curing has been proven in many of the industries by having increase in the speed of production, reduces reject rates, improving on scratch and solvent resistance, and facilitate superior bonding.

Three methods of Curing could be use :

UV Curing Systems with conveyor (Flood UV Systems) & Box Oven (Chamber Type) & LED Curing
  • Uses large area curing for better coverage and most system comes with conveyor. Another unit comes in box oven.


Spot UV Curing Systems (Spot UV Systems)

  • Smaller area curing for flexible spotting on dots and hidden areas.

UV LED Spot Curing

  • LED Spot Curing offer longer life of usage in LED replacement up to 20,000 hours.

  • Intensity up to 8,000mw/cm2 sufficient to perform Curing for most adhesives in the market & reliable & safer to use.

  • Individual profile can be set and reduce in cost of operation using LED spot curing.

UV Markets :

1. Semiconductors
2. Wafer Industries
3. Electronics
4. Hard Disk Drive & FDD
5. Medical Industries
6. Mobile Phones
7. Automotive
8. Fiber Optics
9. Web & Flexo Printing
10. Wood Coatings
11. Sticker & Labels
12. CDs & DVDS Printing
13. Steel Pipes & Plastic Printing
14. Can Printing
15. Glass Printing & Cosmetics
16. Smart Card

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